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Network Branch
Our Role
  • Setup internal network (Workgroup/Domain).
  • Configure related software settings.
  • Install/maintain hardware and software firewall.
  • Install/maintain ISA server.
  • Install/maintain Exchange Servers.
  • Install/maintain Active Directory.
  • Setup solution for ISP's to prevent porn sites and stop spams.
Electronics Branch
Our Role
With today's demand for smaller and ever cheaper Hi-Tech products the main cost centers are in design and development of products that still utilize discrete CMOS & TTL type devices. Our solution for this is the use of Embedded or Programmable Processing Devices such as the Microchip PIC. These devices offer a wide range of possible design solutions including:
  • A/D conversions & D/A conversion.
  • Digital control & sequencing.
  • PWM and speed control.
  • Telemetry controls & Packet Data.
  • PC linking & SCADA.
  • Mathematical functions.

We offer customer specified electronic circuit design for analog, digital, embedded and RF.

We also offer product design and development services through which you can have circuits and electronic products designed to your specification requirements.

We specialize in product design as a solution to customers special requirements where off the shelf solutions are not available or too expensive.

We offer competitive pricing from concept to producing the first production unit and design with minimal possible component count and use embedded solutions where possible as this offers greater flexibility for end product changes which inevitably happen in our experience.

Our Scope
We focus on the field of Industrial Control and distribution Systems, including the following:
  • Light Current Security & Surveillance Systems
    • Intrusion Detection Systems.
    • Fire Alarm Systems.
    • Access Control Systems.
    • Time Attendance Systems.
    • Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV).
  • Remote Monitoring, Surveillance & Control.
  • Microcontroller technology (PIC).
  • Real Time Visual Simulations (RTVS).