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Our Goal
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Tarabay Egypt is committed to the goal of customer satisfaction. We take extra care in understanding your requirements and the operational requirements of the ultimate user. In our high technology areas of endeavor, we seek solutions to real world problems. We use our proven problem solver approach:
  • Problems are solved using a systematic application of sound (reasonable and prudent) engineering principles, practices and procedures.
  • We are goal oriented - get the job done.
  • Make sure that the system meets all of the requirements.
  • Consider the cost constraints within the limitation of schedule and resources.
  • Meet the schedule and keep the effort within budget.
About Us
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TARABAY EGYPT CCTV is a owned company that specializes in the design, and supply of video surveillance systems. These systems are designed to suit individual customer requirements such as your own. As a surveillance company we understand the special security needs of our customers and strive to provide them with the highest quality products and services to suit these needs.

TARABAY EGYPT CCTV has been at the forefront of the Video Surveillance and, knowledge and innovation in the CCTV design, and supply ensures that we will satisfy the highest customer expectations. We help customers find the right solution at the right price. With over years experience in the surveillance industry, we guarantee satisfaction.

The philosophy of TARABAY EGYPT, with the flexibility to rapidly move CCTV systems from the drawing board to a physical product, to meet the demands of customers.

One of the first companies to embrace the concept of video over IP, AD Group's interests now include CCTV systems for transport, together with camera technology and digital video recorders and multiplexers.

The company is firmly committed to the implementation of effective CCTV standards and its senior personnel play an active role in key industry bodies, helping to drive best practice in critical areas from detector activated CCTV (BS 8418:2003) to digital video evidence.

TARABAY EGYPT combines the world leading technology of the AD Group to deliver seamless and security safety systems to consultants, integrators and endusers.